My daughter is dating a looser

We’ve even given an entire presentation on the topic.

You might not like it, but most people can at least see why women would find an exciting bad boy attractive.

So, in some sick and twisted way, taking care of this man meets her needs.

my daughter is dating a looser-2

The girl may know rationally that he’s horrible for her, but she fears the emotional pain that comes from ending the relationship.

Or, she might have developed codependent behaviors.

When I was in university, I knew a smart, educated woman with a great job who was dating a complete loser.

He had no job, no education, and had spent more time in jail than in meaningful jobs. I’ve addressed issues like why do women like jerks?

Most people have issues with self-esteem, including women.

They genuinely believe they cannot land another man even if they try.A woman could have a deep romantic desire to save a man and her brain chemistry tells her it’s normal and even noble.So, a woman might have the same difficulty abandoning a troubled man as much as she does letting go of a troubled child.But, what about the pathetic loser that a lot of women date and stick with even though he may be unemployed, drug addicted, and even physically ugly?So, here’s the answer to the question: why do women date losers?So, when a woman falls for a guy who’s a bad boy at eighteen, by 28 he’s more of a “worn out” old man (who looks 40).

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