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Anna Richardson is a British TV presenter, producer, writer, journalist and is the host of Naked Attraction.

SINGLETONS looking for love are happy to strip off on TV's most extreme dating show - Channel 4's Naked Attraction.

Here's all the information on the controversial yet fascinating show and its popular host Anna Richardson...

The voiceover boomed: These dates “start where a good date often ends—naked.”And when Channel Four says naked, it means naked.

There are no modesty blurs like those found on VH1’s Dating Naked or the Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid.

Once the final two potential dates are revealed, the single man or woman then also strips naked and is able to talk to the two remaining contestants to help make a final decision.

The single man or woman then goes on a date with their final choice – with both parties fully clothed for the date.

Naked Attraction sees a single man or woman select one date from a selection of six.

Potential dates stand naked in cubicles with a raising door which first shows them from the waist down, then the neck down, and finally the door rises completely to reveal the face – with potential dates whittled down to two with undesirable matches being asked to leave each time the door raises.

It’s Blind Date in the buff, Blind Date in a brothel, or Blind Date with knobs on, depending on which horrified review you consult.

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