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I'm trying to put a budget together to get the supplies list for teen short film/book trailer as an offering to our young people.

This would have to have items that don't need maintenance outside of operation, have a lot of longevity and are easy to show staff/teens who may not know otherwise how to use it.

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Would prefer HD quality and will be interested in lighting, separate mics for dual instructors, and a stable setup to prevent shaky production. is designed to fulfill the requirement for professional functionality.

It offers ND filters, custom-assign buttons, and professional audio inputs with manual gain control in a form-factor closer to a consumer camcorder.

On-camera or studio lighting should be considered as well. He is a Senior Contributing Editor for Macworld magazine, and a Senior Editor at Creative

Please contact us via e-mail if you have additional questions: Ask [email protected] Hi Mario, This article is a great place to start your gear list. His photography clients include 20th Century Fox, Blue Note Records, Global Business Network, the San Francisco Jazz Festival, the Pickle Family Circus, and Grammy-nominated jazz musicians Don Byron and Dafnis Prieto.

I don't have access to any cam corders or video camera. I have started a gofundme project to try to raise enough money to buy at least enough equipment for one location (i.e.

one camera, one tripod, and a couple of lights with stands).The camcorder is also equipped with a Canon HD CMOS Pro image sensor that supports improved low-light performance and a wide dynamic range.Hi Betty - Please click on the green underscored words and phrases above to follow the links to the specific product pages of our B&H website where you will find the pricing for the products featureed in the article above.An accessory shoe and shotgun mic clamp are available on top.The is a stable, sturdy video tripod made from anodized aluminum that can support loads up to 8.8 lb.There will be two main formats: indoor interviews and short outdoor scenic pieces, usually with voiceover.

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