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(I will write more on the Bulga bora in a future post.) To the South, the cave is close to Mount Yengo (pronounced Yango) which, as I mentioned in a different earlier post, can be seen from Lagoon Mountain at my home in the Upper Hunter.

Mount Yengo is the place Baiame stepped off the earth and into the sky after he had created the world and the Law and knowledge and ceremony.

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It reality, there is a strong sense of movement of the figure from left to right.

There’s more curve to the great arms and the large eyes seem to be looking to the right.

He identified the figure as Baiame and made a record of the cave paintings which became his first publication as a self-taught anthropologist.

It was the start of a pioneering 25 year career in the field.

The successful adoption of the Starfish platform can be attributed to the capabilities of the platform and ease of use, the full-time and part-time faculty commitment to student success, and the personnel on the Starfish implementation team.

The first European references to Baiame date from the 1820s and 1830s and appear in the accounts of missionaries and white ‘explorers’.

Starfish by Hobsons is an enterprise student success and retention solution that integrates student data from existing technologies used across campus with perspectives from real people working with real students.

It presents this data in a student-centric way so it’s easy to see how to best resolve any concerns.

Mathews’ article was the start of Aboriginal archaeological research in the Hunter Valley.

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