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Tshuva, Antitumor reactivity of non-metallocene titanium complexes of oxygen-based ligands: is ligand lability essential?

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Tshuva, Israel Goldberg, Moshe Kol, Hana Weitman and Zeev Goldschmidt, Novel Zirconium Complexes of Amine Bis(phenolate) Ligands.

Tshuva, Miriam Versano, Israel Goldberg, Moshe Kol, Hana Weitman and Zeev Goldschmidt, Titanium Complexes of Chelating Dianionic Amine Bis(phenolate) Ligands: an Extra Donor Makes a Big Difference, Inorg.

788, 33 (2015)Nitzan Ganot, Boris Redko, Gary Gellerman, and Edit Y. Anti-Proliferative Activity of the Combination of Salan Titanium(IV) Complexes with other Organic and Inorganic Anticancer Drugs Against HT-29 and NCL-H1229 Cells: Synergism with Cisplatin.

Cytotoxic Titanium(IV) Complexes of Chiral Diaminobis(phenolato) Ligands: Better Combination of Activity and Stability by the Bipyrrolidine Moiety.

Tshuva, Preparation and X-Ray Structures of Ti(IV) Complexes of Bis(carboxylato) Ligands; Formation of Mono-, Di-, Tetra- and Hexanuclear Complexes With or Without OR and μ-O Ligands, Eur.

Tshuva, Synthesis and X-ray Characterization of Mono- and Polynuclear Thiolatocopper(I) Complexes: The Effect of Steric Bulk on Coordination Number and Nuclearity, Eur.

Next Generation Polymerization Catalysts, ACS Symposium Series No. Tshuva and Zeev Goldschmidt, Method for Catalytic Polymerization of Alpha-olefin Monomers Using an Ultra-high Activity Non-Metallocene Precatalyst., U.

Tshuva and Zeev Goldschmidt, Complexes of Amine Phenolate Ligands as Catalysts for Polymerization of alpha-Olefins., In Beyond Metallocenes. Tshuva, Stanislav Groysman, Israel Goldberg, Moshe Kol and Zeev Goldschmidt, [ONXO]-Type Amine Bis(phenolate) Zirconium and Hafnium Complexes as Extremely Reactive 1-hexene Polymerization Catalysts: Unusual Metal Dependent Activity Pattern, Organometallics , 21, 662 (2002) Stanislav Groysman, Edit Y. Gendler, Israel Goldberg, Moshe Kol, Zeez Goldschmidt, Michael Shuster and Gershon Lidor , High-Molecular Weight Atactic Polypropylene prepared by Zirconium Complexes of an Amine Bis(phenolate) Ligand, Isr.

Tshuva, Israel Goldberg, Moshe Kol, Zeev Goldschmidt and Michael Shuster, Diverse Structure-Activity Trends in Amine Bis(phenolate) Titanium Polymerization Catalysts, Organometallics, 23, 5291 (2004) Moshe Kol, Edit Y. Tshuva, Stanislav Groysman, Sharon Segal, Israel Goldberg and Zeev Goldschmidt, Group IV Complexes of Amine Phenolate Ligands as Catalysts for Atactic and Tactic Polymerization, Abstr.

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