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Once a business knows why they are implementing Saa S, they can then go about finding exactly what they need in order to accomplish this.There are a number of questions that a business should be able to answer, which will help them find out exactly what they need in order to accomplish what they initially set out to achieve.For example a Saa S service provider may define the term business hours meaning nine till five.

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Only when a business is happy with the terms in their Service Level Agreement, should they continue with the implementation process of Saa S.

Because of the fact that Saa S software vendors can be located anywhere in the world, their customs and agreements may be differ from what a business (located elsewhere) actually thinks that these terms mean.

When implementing Saa S, there are a number of processes and tasks that a business must complete, in order for them to successfully implement Saa S as a part of their infrastructure.

Ten of these considerations and processes are detailed below.

No matter what reason a business has for wanting to implement Saa S, they should be clear about exactly what this reason is.

A business should also have a very good understanding about how their existing processes and infrastructure work.

Firstly a business should be able to answer exactly what their Saa S software services need to be able to do.

Secondly, a business should be able to answer exactly what kind of features these software services will need to have, in order to meet the answer to their previous question.

This information is required so that Saa S software services can be integrated into their existing infrastructure at a later stage but with an absolute minimum of problems.

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