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Duval Street proudly shows its cultural ties to the Bahamas and Cuba, both of which influenced its architecture.Vibrant red flowers of native Poinciana trees dust Spanish-style architecture and provide shade to those dining and sipping sidewalk-side likely to the tune of live music.Occasionally, a curious Western Blue Groper may swim up to the windows or you may see one of several species of sea star attached to the window itself!

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Some of the best wildlife cams are on America’s public lands, places that Interior employees work every day to protect for future generations.

Check out four amazing wildlife cams -- they’re sure to keep you riveted! The First Lady laid two eggs in early February, and the eggs hatched mid March.

They give us a glimpse of what's happening in animals' private lives.

You never know what you'll see -- it could be something amazing or nothing at all -- which is part of the fun.

On busy days I've seen children almost hit and on multiple occasions I and others have had near misses by dudes that are going way to fast coming in and out, and for what? Wicked fun hey almost hurting people trying to enjoy their day?

When the surfers are squeezed into the space on the left side there's plenty of space on the right side of the beach, at least 20 meters of emptiness on the occasions I am talking about until the rocks come up again.

The Underwater Observatory has installed two webcams, one facing North (North cam) and the other South (South cam).

Each web camera captures the action from different sides of the Underwater Observatory.

A small dark brown or black fish called a Scalyfin also lives here and you may see it darting around the pile.

The North Cam (right/bottom image) faces two windows on the seafloor and if you are watching during business hours you can see the Underwater Observatory Tour in progress.

After a 150-year absence, puffins now nest at Seal Island National Wildlife Refuge off the coast of Maine.

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