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“All of this is close to a zero cost to the camera manufacturer.Moving to a secure OS and better management of user rights to prevent the hijacking of the kernel, for example, would incur a higher degree of cost – but could be a good sales differentiator in the market,” he said. The vulnerable part of this process is a) the internet network you’re using and 2) where your camera footage is shared on the internet.

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Ok, let’s get into the five steps you can do today to protect your cameras from being hacked.

If you’re using an IP camera at home, the ‘internet network’ refers to your home Wi Fi.

However even if your cameras are attached to a secure cloud, you may not want a hacker to have the key to your door so for this reason we suggest you change the default password of your cameras.

Take action: Change the default password of your camera 1: Find the local IP address of the internet network you’re using.

However, SEC Consult said that the Japanese company has since released updated firmware for the affected models.

This is unlikely to be the last finding of insecure IP cameras.If you already have cameras set up with Cammy, you can open the app and click on camera settings and choose “manually setup” to discover your local IP address.the credentials provided by your camera (check your camera’s user guide).the Juniper Screen OS Backdoor, CVE-2015-7755),” SEC Consult said in its blog.The firm asked Sony some questions regarding the nature of the backdoor, including its intended purpose, but did not receive a response.While most people change the default password when setting up their camera, many don’t.

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