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is thus “as vegan as it can get, even if the story has nothing to do with veganism." Romas also plans to "keep my film shoots vegan and veganize other work related environments. “I don't think there is such thing as 'too much activism'," he replies, "I think, though, that there is too much injustice. I think we should all be active and it's only natural.” During the COP21 climate change conference currently taking place in Paris, Romas is above waiting for people to finally recognise that the industrial treatment of animals has an enormous influence on greenhouse gas emissions: “But I don't think it's gonna happen," he laments, "If the countries sign a legally binding agreement to limit emissions and finance clean technology in developing countries, that's already positive." With his vegan filmmaking campaign, Romas has (ironically) killed two birds with one stone: He made his engagament with these issues public whilst at the same time financing his project.I'm also interested in seeing other opportunities to make future film shoots even more eco-friendly." Romas Zabarauskas is also an activist in the LGBT community (he notably founded the LGBT Friendly Vilnius initiative), as well as being against racism (see his last film ), a convinced vegan and a defender of animal rights. I couldn’t stop myself asking him if he will be continuing his Vegan thing after the campaign is over: “Yes, I'm vegan,” he replies, “Are you still doing the meat and eggs thing?The unprecedented allied presence in Lithuania "significantly strengthens NATO's deterrence posture" during "an ongoing military buildup around our borders and aggressive actions in our region", Lithuania's President Dalia Grybauskaite said at the Rukla military base, northwest of Vilnius.

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”Thanks to this #v– for which Romas allied himself with the Lithuanian association for the protection of animals Tušti narvai (empty cages) – an extra 3,500 euros could be raised for the indie movie.

The artistic director Giedre Valeisaite and the costume designer Virginija Valeisaite have for their part avoided leather, fur, wool and other non-vegan materials.

And there were glimpses of it last week against Slovenia until Harry Kane popped up with an injury-time winner.

Southgate said: “It’s probably our biggest possible challenge.

The Kremlin has denied any territorial ambitions and claims that NATO is trying to encircle Russia.

But Moscow's deployment last year of nuclear-capable Iskander missiles into its heavily militarized Kaliningrad exclave, which borders Lithuania and Poland, and frequent Russian military drills in the region have rattled nearby NATO states.

He is set to give first caps to Tottenham’s Harry Winks and Leicester defender Harry Maguire — and will use a three-man defence on the LFF Stadium’s plastic pitch.

Southgate said: “If you are playing for England there is always something to lose — and for the guys who play there is an enormous amount to gain.

Kestutis Girnius, who teaches at the Institute of International Relations and Political Science in Vilnius, told AFP that by "placing their own soldiers in the line of fire, NATO countries have given tangible proof of their commitment to Lithuania's security".

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