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Those that survived the journey were told by Adolf Eichmann, the head of the Gestapo's Department of Jewish Affairs: "There are no apartments and no houses - if you build your homes you will have a roof over your head." In Warsaw, the capital of Poland, all 22 entrances to the ghetto were sealed.

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Jews living in rural areas had their property confiscated and they were rounded up and sent to ghettos in towns and cities.

The two largest ghettos were established in Warsaw and Lodz.

The central part features fragments of matzevot from the Jewish cemetery in Kurów – some of the few physical traces left behind by the town's Jewish inhabitants. The initiative to build the monument came from the local government and was financed by the Association of the Jewish Historical Institute of Poland and the Kurów Municipality.

A photographic exhibition entitled “Kurów in the inter-war period of the 20 century" was opened as part of the ceremonies, which also featured a screening of an amateur documentary depicting the life of Kurów inhabitants, as filmed in 1932 by US citizen Jack Weisbord, whose father-in-law came from Kurów.

They executed 36 Jews, its last inhabitants, at the new Jewish cemetery in Blich Street in Kurów.

(For more information, see the history of the Jewish community of Kurów.) On 12 September 2017, a monument in the shape a red brick wall was opened at the Jewish cemetery in Kurów to commemorate Holocaust victims and those who tried to save them during the German occupation. This is to symbolise the irreversible destruction of Kurów's past life caused by the death of those who shaped it, as well as of the destruction of the cemetery by the German occupier.Then, in July 1942, the Germans opened a so-called closed ghetto, relatively small in size, where they imprisoned 45-50 Jews, mostly men.On 13 November 1942, the Germans carried out the final ghetto liquidation.Ukazują one - po pierwsze etapy realizacji planu "ostatecznego rozwiązania kwestii żydowskiej", po drugie - istotne momenty światowego teatru działań wojennych.On 21st September, 1939, Reinhard Heydrich told several Schutz Staffeinel (SS) commanders in Poland that all Jews were to be confined to special areas in cities and towns.In October 1939, the SS began to deport Jews living in Austria and Czechoslovakia to ghettos in Poland.

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