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It’s interesting, because your good looks will often get you in the front door, but looks will rarely ever keep you there. There’s been a guy who I’ve found very attractive, a big guy with muscles, and the girls excuse him because they can’t talk to him.

So, the first part of the show is very much a man’s world; like, what do you look like and what’s your quickest line.

Who doesn’t love a good, guiltily pleasurable dating show?

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In the episodes I’ve seen, even the guys who get excused leave either laughing or with smiles on their faces, not throwing furniture and wigging the hell out.

Well, that .] I think the key to excusing someone is, if you’re excusing someone in a funny way—I mean, they’re on the show in the first place, so they have some interest in being in front of the camera—but if you excuse someone in a funny way, I think they can’t help but laugh.

You’re out of here.” The important thing people have to realize, so as to avoid anyone attacking me in public, is that I just carry out the wishes of the contestants; you’re excused by them, so I just have to find a way to do it. I went in at first, and it was one of those auditions where I wasn’t really thinking too much about it; I was just like, “Oh, it’s just a dating show.” So I went in, threw out the lines, and just made my own thing up, and made them laugh.

It seems like the perfect gig for a comedian, then. They kept calling me back, and it was one of those things where, as they kept calling me back, I thought it was some kind of mistake. [ serious, and people are competing and they’re in a massive house. We’re not here trying to find love; we’re not here because someone needs to get married. Some people are actually looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend, or someone to actually date, but it’s very light-hearted.

I think people can tell that it’s real comedy, and people seem to gravitate toward that.

Have there been things you’ve said that the producers have called you out on, for crossing the line? Oddly, they don’t like the word “douchebag,” which is such an apt and perfect word for so many things. I’ve gotten used to saying whatever I want, so it is hard sometimes. ” And they’ll come back with, “Sorry, you can’t say that.” And obviously I can’t curse.

It’s just gotten so crazy, so why not have a half-hour of just fun and make fun of people, and also try to hook them up? Everyone on set is really comfortable, and the whole crew offers everyone drinks as soon as they arrive on set. At the end of the night, when I’m sitting next to whoever’s left, I’m always like, “Did you have fun today?

Lately, most, if not all, of the dating shows feel totally scripted, and the contestants talk like they’re reading off of cue cards. ” And they’re always like, “Oh, I had the best time.” So even if you do get excused, or someone hurts your feelings, people still have fun, because it’s about finding love, but it’s really about having a good time.

With such a low success rate, it’s no wonder that ardent viewers of TV’s most popular dating shows would readily admit to watching the programs simply to laugh at the foolish contestants, not root on the thought of someone finding his or her soul-mate.

The producers behind the latest entry into the format’s catalog, is no different; two hot women sit alongside host Iliza Shlesinger, watch a lineup of men pitch themselves to the security camera atop the mansion’s front door, and then either excuse the duds or permit four lucky gents to enter the house.

The participants claim to want to find true love, and, eventually, marry the person he or she connects with in front of cameras, crew members, and millions of viewers watching from the comfort of their “love” seats.

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