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Far from the glittering steel-and-glass capital of Seoul, they were now hunted men on this remote island where the enslavement of disabled salt farm workers is an open secret."It was a living hell," Kim said in a recent series of interviews with The Associated Press whose details are corroborated by court records and by lawyers, police and government officials. Near a grocery, the store owner's son rounded them up and called their boss, who beat Kim with a rake and sent him back to the salt fields.

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Soon after the national investigation, activists and police found another 63 unpaid or underpaid workers on the islands, three-quarters of whom were mentally disabled.

Kim's former boss, Hong Jeong-gi, didn't respond to multiple requests for comment through his lawyer.

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Despite his fear, Kim ran again at the end of the month. Furious, the owner said that if Kim ran again, he'd get a knife in the stomach. He worked Kim so hard the slave was too tired to think about escape.

The number of people enslaved is difficult to determine because of the transient work, the remoteness of the farms and the closeness - and often hostility - of the island communities.

He and the other slave, Chae Min-sik, again tried to find their way to a port.

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