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You'll start to see signs your ex is thinking about you in a romantic way again.

She'll also be trying to gauge whether or not the possibility of losing you is worth being with her current boyfriend. She's walking it carefully, checking to see which side the grass is greenest on.

She'll probably initiate contact, tell you she's happy you found someone, and then start prying to find out how deep your relationship with this new girl goes. Having another girl on your arm also, believe it or not, makes you more attractive in the eyes of most women - especially one you already dated.

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When you begin seeing signs of this, you can start upping the ante.

Here's where you can start agreeing with your ex whenever she complains about her boyfriend.

This is part two of winning your girlfriend back from another guy. When your exgirlfriend starts poking around for you, it's a sure sign you're doing something right.

Instead of concentrating on her situation, she's suddenly wondering what's going on in your own life.

And here's where you can begin to exploit those cracks you spotted earlier.

Another thing that's bound to happen: your ex's new boyfriend will become aware of your presence. Because as he loses control and tries to grip her more tightly, your ex is going to resent him from trying to control her in the first place.Here's where you need to pull her over into your side of the yard by arranging to see her.A solo meeting between the two of you is where you'll begin laying the groundwork for the final steps of winning back your girlfriend. whatever method of communication she's using to contact you, it's time to invite her out.That being said however, if you happen to meet a girl you like there's absolutely no reason you shouldn't begin dating her.Seeing you with another girl will slap your ex in the face with an immediate reality check.Try to pick a neutral location, maybe something like a coffee shop or small resturant for lunch.

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