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Jamie English, 36, of Royton, Oldham was jailed for 20 months and Hassan Dehani, 27, also of Oldham got 17 months after both admitted encouraging or assisting in the production or supply of Class A or Class B drugs.Use of Spice - which sells for just £5 a time - has been prevalent in the Manchester area with users rendered virtually immobile by smoking the drug.In the days before the shooting the Khan had been fearing for his life and wore a bullet proof vest after he was named as a 'marked man' following the disappearance of a £175,000 cannabis crop Finn had first been arrested for murder after 21-year old Junaid Khan was cut down in a hail of 16 bullets in Oldham in July 2009.

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Finn said the spy equipment was part of a schemes to rob other drug dealers and he boasted of making £340,000 from dealing crack cocaine and heroin - even importing material from China to help maximise his profits.

After his acquittal for murder, Finn was rearrested for drug running and was jailed in 2014 by a judge who ordered him to pay back £232,000 from the profits of his crimes.

He went into detail about mixing agents he would buy to maximise his profits and as his orders grew, Finn told the court how he imported large quantities of caffeine and Benzocaine to act as mixing agents and sourced similar products from within the UK.

He said a cash haul seized at his home was drug money and not payment for the murder and said a flurry of mobile phone calls he made at the time of the killing was linked to a heroin deal.

Between July 2016 and March last year the gang sourced the chemicals and equipment needed to produce illegal drugs by establishing companies that could legitimately purchase restricted chemicals.

They used fictional names, as well as email accounts and falsified documents, to disguise their illegal activities and avoid detection by the police.He said he knew nothing of the killing until he saw a news report about it on TV at a gym.It was alleged Finn used spy-style tracking equipment to remotely stalk Khan before gunning him down.It was also alleged he used spy-style tracking equipment to remotely stalk Khan before gunning him down.But Finn was cleared by a jury after he said he had been helping an associate involved in another shooting at the time of Khan's murder.A playboy crime lord described as having 'nerves of steel' is back behind bars for running one of Britain's biggest rackets trafficking the drug Spice.

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