I fail at dating

He seems to be in a really good place in his life which is definitely something I’d ideally like in a potential boyfriend plus something about him was just really warm and stopped my nerves instantly.

I fail at dating dating parent single wales

I don’t think I feel attraction in the same way as most people either, which makes something like Tinder super difficult from the get-go.

Even though I’ll know I like someone within minutes of talking I don’t get anything like that when looking at someone. My whole life I have gotten to know people online, that goes for friends too.

It seems normal and the fact I’ve never been part of that ‘scene’ makes me feel like I’m missing out on something I should like but I just don’t.

I just find it all very weird, even the idea of talking to more than one person let alone dating.

Especially when there’s usually going to be someone you’re talking to the most, everyone else just seems to fill a pointless, vain gap that really doesn’t need to be filled. Fear of missing out on Prince Charming or simply something I could actually write about?

Due to the nature of my work, I am inundated constantly with messages and notifications on a variety of social media platforms as well as professional and personal small talk to keep on top of. I’m not even sure what I think I’m going to find there when I open the app, which is pretty much only ever to check up on this one guy that made me a playlist on Spotify – I know, bit keen, but it’s the best fucking playlist ever! Tinder would be so great if it was for mate dates (men all over the world sigh at the thought of the friendzone) but having the whole romantic implication instantly makes it more difficult because if you really get along with someone but you aren’t sure if you’re interested then you do feel like you’re leading them on. I’ve been finding it difficult to write for the blog because, to be honest, I just haven’t really been on Tinder enough for anything new to happen.After unmatching a bunch of guys that proceeded to find me on social media and moan at me about it, I’ve just been into swiping a lot less.I was proud of myself for going and having a good time and thoroughly impressed with my first date.A few days later I had a date with the one we dubbed catbum and that was a totally different story – I was SO nervous!Like many women I’ve been simultaneously dubbed an ice queen and over-emotional most of my life so dating is definitely a bit of a minefield in that sense. My first date with #S was really good though and definitely put my mind at ease about the idea of meeting someone for a date being so scary because it really wasn’t.

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