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Sites like offer an amazing variety of pics and vids, but most adult cam sites have a tasty sample of their own. When a dominatrix treats you like you were no more than dirt under her black PVC boots, when she humiliate and abuses you, only then do you really feel alive (just like spanking...). The camgirl better know her place or else, you know?

Not that I need any of this shit to make me hard, but I always believed in appetizers before a satisfying main course. I'll tell you about my first encounter with this eccentric pleasure in a minute, but before that I wanted to add one more thing. But sometimes even a strong, powerful man like me feel like letting go, and playing bottom to a sexy, busty femdom for awhile is one hell of a thrill. My massive cock and I weren't all that impressed by the femdom mistress in latex catsuit. Soon, the whip will appear and the slutty chick would tell me to beg. She said she never saw a cock as small as mine on a grown man before. Dress and pantyhose, she said, was all I needed to be the perfect ponyboy she wanted for Christmas.

He was ordered earlier today By Mistresses Husband to “cum on command” and he never managed it – So he has found himself in a cage for the remainder of the day – We have used the money he had to buy ourselves some food and goodies to watch a movie as the “object” stays caged naked for the next 12 hours My reply is simply this – There is no such thing as a perfect slave.

Get out there and make your new owner some money sissy bitch you are a faggot and you know it.

Faggots for degradation and humiliation is where you need to be.

No matter what they demand of you, your duty is to ensure you do it!

You respect your Owner at all times and you the “loser” become the “object” to play with and laugh at.

This is what happens when subs disobey and violate the rules.

This slave punished video below – Was from another 1 of my useless, worthless wuss’s I had painted his nails but he still had to go home at the end of his session where he would need to buy a train ticket.

No matter what type of dirty little bitch you are, our Mistresses are ready to dress you up and parade you around as the whore you are.

Dirty little sluts like you need to be tamed and trained and become the best cock sucking bitches ever.

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