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A recent academic paper, entitled Trolls Just Wanna Have Fun, explains trolling as a deceptive, destructive behaviour "with no apparent instrumental purpose.” Self-proclaimed troll Jaime Cochran, who lives in Chicago, spends much of her day trawling the web, casting out "lines with trivial bait" and reeling them in, hurling insults, inciting rage, and taking pleasure in victims' mounting fury.

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Earlier this year he paid for a promoted tweet to appear in the Twitter feeds of women and ethnic minorities, asserting that white people should "defend themselves from violence and discrimination." Twitter removed Auernheimer's tweet following complaints about "white supremacist" content.

A spokesman for the company said that the tweet had violated the service's policy on hate content, sensitive topics and violence.

To paint those with minority opinions as trolls in order to maintain the status quo does indeed shut down the potential for dialogue," he said.

On the other hand, he added that trolling is not a very productive way to raise serious issues, because if people are seen to be trolling they simply won’t be taken seriously.

However, not all trolls have political or ideological motivations.

Many just enjoy the thrill of psychological torture."Some people need to learn how to take criticism, especially on the internet." The Trolls academic paper shows that individuals with a particular set of psychological traits – including Machiavellianism, narcissism, sadism and psychopathy – are more likely to troll.Sadism was the most commonly associated with cyber-trolling.“I don’t care if people are offended by what I say.I’m a passionate believer in free speech – offence is taken, it's a choice.Trolling is widely regarded as one of the most abhorrent activities on the internet, often leading to anxiety and depression among victims, but Auernheimer, better known by his screen name Weev, claims it is his "job as a citizen" to be confrontational.

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