How to not take dating too seriously

And it's one that's closely aligned with perhaps the most sought after trait of all — a good sense of's Singles in America found that 90% of men and a whopping 97% of women find a sense of humor just as important as physical attractiveness.

How a man communicates and leads a relationship is important, but we cannot expect him to carry the burden alone.

Hiding who you are, what you think and what your desires are prevents a man from knowing whether or not he could potentially lead you one day in marriage.

We keep making dating more complicated and treating it like a serious chore when in reality, a lot of us want something more laid-back.

That what we're really looking for when we swipe is a lighthearted, playful person says a lot about how we want our romantic relationships to play out in real life, not just on paper.

A friend recently shared the article, “Are Christian Guys Not Taking Dating Seriously? She garnered many responses running the gamut of support, qualifications and criticism. The author, a man, looks critically at Christian dating culture and the ways that men feed into some unhealthy trends that have infiltrated the Church. We long for our Prince Charming to sweep us off our feet and live for the moment when he finally will. That is also biblical, just as a call to singleness can be, and God places desires in our hearts for a reason. We will encounter a multitude of relationships with other believers throughout our lives.

When we look at the ultimate marriage between Christ and His Church, Christ is clearly the dashing knight we’ve always dreamed of. I don’t want to belittle a woman’s desire for marriage. No wonder our brothers in Christ scare easy, we’ve made an idol out of marriage and that won’t end well for anyone."Being playful" isn't a trait we name as often as "smart" and "funny" when describing our ideal S. — but it turns out being a laid-back, lighthearted playful person could be a real dating advantage., published in the American Journal of Play, asked a sample of 327 students to rate a list of desired traits in potential partners.Friendliness, a sense of humor and intelligence and, perhaps surprisingly, playfulness topped the list for both men and women.Playfulness even beat out good genes, having a college degree and being religious as things we look for in potential dates.The study defined playful daters as enjoying wordplay, improvisation and teasing (think: the kind-hearted, quip-spitting Chandler Bing).Relationship-building aside, whimsy turns out to be an attractive quality.

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