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You swipe left to pass on a profile and right to like one.Your choice remains anonymous until someone picks you back, when a match is formed. So, no one wastes time with bullshit.” Nancy, a 25-year-old graphic designer from Mumbai, has met four men in the past five months on Tinder, the world’s fastest-growing dating app. Yet, the number of Indian users on Tinder is growing at four per cent a day.

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It could also be that apps such as Tinder have not just facilitated casual sex but acted as a catalyst for it.

Most of the makers of Indian dating apps are convinced the first hypothesis is true.

Nitin Gupta, founder of the one-and-a-half-year-old Vee, says his app does not see a spike in activity on Friday, like American dating apps do, clearly indicating that people are not using it for weekend flings.

“Vee’s users just want to meet like-minded people,” he says. They may just end up making a friend.” That seems to defeat the very purpose of online dating, but Gupta’s point is that India’s social setup still doesn’t accommodate hooking up in its mainstream.

” They looked exasperated, like they had been visiting pubs all night in the desperate attempt to meet a girl.

“You’ll have to meet a girl through a friend, date her for a few weeks and then make a move,” I told them, meaning every word.

They may not be looking for marriage immediately, but they are searching for something stable,” Bhatia, who also co-founded Make My Trip, says.

He, in fact, sees Truly Madly even taking on matrimonial websites, with its enhanced security features (“you can’t log in even if you have pictures of yourself wearing a mangalsutra on Facebook”) making it a preferred option.

You are then led to a chat room in which you can talk to your match and decide whether or not to exchange more information.

Most of the Indian apps work similarly, with minor tweaks in the interfaces and levels of security.

I remember standing outside one of Mumbai’s most popular lounge bars three years ago and being approached by two Indian Americans who had just moved to Mumbai.

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