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The author decided to write Middlesex after he read the 1980 memoir Herculine Barbin and was dissatisfied with its discussion of intersex anatomy and emotions.

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These accounts cover the conception of Cal, his teenage years, and the discovery of his intersex condition.

Throughout the book, Cal weaves his opinion of the events in hindsight and of his life after his father's funeral.

According to scholars, the novel's main themes are nature versus nurture, rebirth, and the differing experiences of what society constructs as polar opposites—such as those found between men and women.

It discusses the pursuit of the American Dream and explores gender identity.

He wanted to "[tell] epic events in the third person and psychosexual events in the first person".

According to Eugenides, the voice "had to render the experience of a teenage girl and an adult man, or an adult male-identified hermaphrodite".

He intended Middlesex to be "the story [he] wasn't getting from the memoir".

Eugenides spent the first few years trying to establish the narrative voice for his novel.

Middlesex is a Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Jeffrey Eugenides published in 2002.

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