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At each end of the playing area, place a chair with a cone on its seat.The purpose is for each team to knock the other team's cone off the chair with a Frisbee. Team members pass the Frisbees to each other as they work their way down the field.Then ask each player to grab a chair before the game begins.

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Finally there was Name that Tune with all teams competing at once.

We were planning on doing Dance Dance revolution, but the other activities were so fun and time consuming that we nixed the DDR. - Colleen Bishop Ultimate Elimination - If you have 30 or more kids and a big playing field, this game can continue for a long, exciting time.

If the goalie fails to pop the balloon, the balloon should be returned to the center of the field and put back into play.

A point is scored whenever a goalie pops a balloon, and then a new balloon is tossed onto the center of the field for the next round of the game.

To play the game teams must attempt to score on offense and at the same time maneuver around on defense to swat the opponent's Frisbee out of the air.

Faith Factor - (based on the idea of Fear Factor) with the YM and YW we had competitions such as who could get the most gummy worms out of a bunch of chocolate pudding using only their teeth; who could state the years theme ("Let virtue garnish thy thoughts unceasingly...") with the most marshmallows in their mouths; bubble gum blowing contest, etc.

Two opposing players face off with one balloon to begin the game.

The teams play regular offense and defense, but there are a couple of twists to the rules.

When one person of a pair is hit, she can no longer throw, but can only defend her partner.

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