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There have been agreements between Roman Polanski and this woman.”In concluding the letter, the writers return to the concept of self-victimization and a call for women to accept the pitfalls that come with freedom.

The letter, written in French was translated by The New York Times.

The passage appears to refer to the some of the names on a growing list of men who have been suspended, fired or forced to resign after having been accused of sexual misconduct in the last several months.

In March, Deneuve defended Roman Polanski, the director who pleaded guilty in 1977 to having sex with a 13-year-old girl and who was accused by two other women of forcing himself on them when they were underage.

While appearing on a French television channel, Deneuve said, “It’s a case that has been dealt with, it’s a case that has been judged.

In the same way, we defend a freedom to bother, indispensable to sexual freedom.” Though the writers do not draw clear lines between what constitutes sexual misconduct and what does not, they say that they are “sufficiently farseeing not to confuse a clumsy come-on and sexual assault.”Translations of the letter were quickly picked up by Twitter on Tuesday, and responses ranged from supportive to hostile.

Asia Argento, an actress who accused Harvey Weinstein of raping her, criticized the Frenchwomen’s letter on Twitter.

Among those in heaviest rotation: Richardson’s conduct was treated as something of a running office joke, according to multiple former Panthers team employees, all of whom spoke on the condition of anonymity out of fear of retaliation.

Male employees would knowingly ask the women whether the Carolina owner had noticed them that day.

“He told us a lot of things.” He managed about 150 terse, angry seconds, eyes cast nowhere in particular, before standing up, walking off, going home to sob. Whether a mean tweet, a mean [person] saying, ‘Hey, you’re supposed to do it like this’—if my son ain’t saying it, then it don’t matter to me.”The Super Bowl still follows him around daily, like a ghost. Using it to grow, even.“What do you want me to do, write another letter back to her? With my father being a preacher, you don’t think I’ve had this discussion before? Playoffs three seasons in a row, Super Bowl last year. Is this even a controversial opinion, to think that Cam lives in a world of coded and not-so-coded critiques that basically boil down to resentment about the existence of such a sublime black quarterback? We’d met maybe 25 minutes prior—one of those situations where we’re both trying to talk about a lot of things in a relatively short amount of time.

It was national news—not just the loss but the press conference. And we didn’t.” He’s past it now without regretting it exactly: “I could care less. Cam showing up on your TV every Sunday like Tony Soprano garroting new victims. It’s amazing, the scale and duration of what Cam’s endured from the football public; it’s why I wanted to ask him about it.

Friday was Jeans Day, when most staffers at the Carolina Panthers team offices would wear denim to work. As the team’s owner, Jerry Richardson, made his rounds on the way to his spacious office, he would ask women to turn around so he could admire their backsides.

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