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IMAP or POP is an email protocol used to download email to your device. Check the website or call your email provider and use this handy guide to get the server settings you need from them. Email server settings for the most popular providers can easily be found online simply by searching the web.

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If you're not sure, check with the administrator for your email account.

Find POP or IMAP server settings in Outlook in Office 365. These are custom domains in Exchange and might end in @or @

If you installed Gmail 5.0 first, you may need to force stop your Gmail app in order for it to recognize the Exchange capabilities. After this, you'll be able to add your Exchange accounts just like the others above.

This new version is very similar to the last, save for the Material design and under-the-hood account support.

Although we currently don't support POP accounts, you can work around this issue by adding your POP account in an account, and then set up the account with our app.

For instructions, see Set up a POP email account in Outlook for i OS or Android and Find POP or IMAP server settings in Outlook in Office 365 If you’re using a local calendar in Outlook Desktop on your PC (i.e.

Once you're signed in, you'll be able to change your password.

Most likely, your change password option will be under your account or profile settings.

You can also tap the small arrow and choose an account from the list.

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