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Invitation Options Follow the results of your survey in real time.Next to a variety of charts and data tables that will keep you up to date, shows the dashboard the statistical values for participation, traffic sources, device types, exit behavior and the answer history.In fact, you can now add Appear.in’s video conferencing facilities to any website If you don’t need as many options or the capability to talk to multiple parties, Gruveo is a good choice.

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Whether simple or more complex questionnaires, it doesn`t matter, both can easily be realized by the easyfeedback survey software. Create your very own customized survey layout for your online survey.

Have a quick look on how to create your own online survey. Upload your logo and edit colors, fonts and forms with a simple click.

There’s a problem with traditional video conferencing clients.

Though they are in abundance, they’re only remotely useful if all parties are collectively using the same client.

Pros For a more corporate, yet modern approach, you might find Room attractive due to the option to upload files directly from Dropbox and integration with Slack and Flowdock (team collaboration apps).

Room allows up to 4 users to talk at a time and includes text chat, screen sharing, an i OS app, and is compatible with Android browsers.

They do this through the popular Web RTC framework.

Rabbit allows an impressive 10 users to connect at once – more than any other service that I know of.

This allows you to track the access statistics and send reminders if necessary.

Whether plain text or customized HTML emails, via the easyfeedback preview function you can view the end result at any time.

What you may not know is that they now have a free tool.

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