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The only thing is that those falsies don’t last and I always remove them as soon as I reach my house, because it irritates my eyes after a few hours.

the one and only certified Nova Lash technician in Suriname (as far as I know).

Also the fact that there is no need to remove them, because they naturally fall off with the lash that they are bonded to.

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She combed my lashes a final time and directed me to a mirror….there they where. MY EXPERIENCE AFTER ONE WEEK I’ve waited one week before writing this blog since I also wanted to share my experience living with the lash extensions.

First of all my eyes look fabulous from the moment I wake up, “which woman wouldn’t want that”?

The Nova Lashes come in different shades, sizes, lengths and colors.

To make the lashes look as natural as possible, Madhuwi decided to use a variety of the Nova Lashes on my eyelashes, since I have a combination of curly, straight and stubby lashes with different lengths.

Even my partner didn’t notice them, until I told her that I had extensions. I simply comb them in the morning and at night to prevent them from tangling.

They are waterproof, so I don’t have to wash my face separately.

Prior to our meeting, she instructed me not to wear makeup so that didn’t take much time.

Once she was finished, she asked me to look up and open my eyes as she taped a strip, directly onto my lower lash line.

Secondly I’ve reached the point where I can comfortably go out without using any eyeliner and mascara.

The lashes are not made to withstand regular mascara, but I don’t feel the need for it anyways.

As we set down in a very cosy room, the stylist went over the eyelash extension process and after going through all of the proper Nova Lash training, she also explained the use of the Nova Lash products.

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