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From: Dark Blademaster | Posted: 5/16/2012 AM | #013TC, I would argue that Mass Effect 3 is the weakest "dating sim" of the trilogy.

Bottom line: "dating sim" is about the last thing you can call Mass Effect 3. Mass Effect 2 is probably the closest thing to a dating sim there is in the series, and then only because of how you can invite your love interest up to the Captain's Cabin after the final mission.

If I bent over in there, I'd end up with a ripped arsehole and stretched ears." "Same here, please to meet you I mean.

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" "Yes ma'am" --Look down-- --Cum under table-- "Oh crap, we are terribly sorry." "Ah...thank you." "That's fine with me.... " "Absolutely fine." "Damn that looks good." "I feel a little uncomfortable standing up at the moment." " hard work. I was just having you on." "I have a new favourite exercise." "No wait... " --Sit down-- "I don't think I'll ever forget." "Is that a problem?

I'm taking my mind off the pain." "Awesome, I can't wait. ." --Hold her feet-- "But boy is it ever paying off! " --Watch-- "I can see why." "Don't raise your arms above your head and you'll be fine." "Anything to help. Promise me you'll stay out of sight." "So what are you getting out of this?

My guess and personal opinion is that most people picking this game up wouldn't even realize it was happening unless they had at least some pregame knowledge of it from others who had played it before. Ashford Complex Posted 5/16/2012 PMmessage detailquote(edited) The LI in the game sucks because you can't make Shepard hookup with a Krogan.

Just imagine fem Shep getting plowed by Wrex or Gru Agreed.

" --Start licking-- "Ok, move forward a bit." "Slide your tounge in further." "Ok, lie on your back." --Keep going-- --Stop--(Before your jaw locks up) --Go home for a cold shower-- Click on Casey "Hi, how you doin?

--Watch her-- --Oblige-- --Go to the lounge-- --Take CD-- --Go back to map-- Click on Cassie and Vic's house (use help button if required) --Knock on the door-- --Go into the bedroom-- "ALRIGHHTTTT. " "OK sure, I'll try this" "Did your fuck-buddy move away or die of exaustion?

" --Grab her arse-- "Seriously, you are going to leave me standing at attention?

" --Watch her leave-- --Back to the apartment-- --Back to the map-- Click on Cassie and Vic's house (use help button if required) --Knock on the door-- --Go to her bedroom-- "With you dressed like that, I don't think you could stop me." --Get dildo-- --Follow her instructions-- --Insert dildo-- --Hump away-- --Keep pounding-- "Seriously?

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