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The endless requirement of reparation made by the Russians looked certain to retard the economic plans of the Western Allies, so General Clay, the Commander of the American zone, made efforts to search for a mutual understanding with the Russians on the reparation issue.

An agreement was reached in March 1946 on an industrial plan, but the Americans withdrew from it after a month because of Russia's insincerity.

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For the Russians, the extraction of the greatest possible amount of reparations from Germany was of primary importance, so equipment was removed from the German factories and products were seized.

For the Western Powers, the economic reconstruction of Germany was given priority.

The Federal German Republic (West Germany) was set up on September 21, 1949.

This was followed by the setting up of the German Democratic Republic (East Germany) with East Berlin as its capital a month later.

– Although it might of course be a good excuse to do so if you got married in Fiji, for example. As long as one of you has residence in Germany for at least a year, or both of you have residence in Germany at the moment, the German court will accept your divorce case.

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