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FB is not an internet company, it’s the social internet company.

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Many of us will wake up to the tragedy of this tradeoff only once it is reality.

The original vision for the Web was a space with multilateral publishing and consumption of information, a peer-to-peer vision with no dependency on a single party.

Access to the old internet could be emulated on GOOG’s cloud accessed through the Trinet, much like how Windows 95 can be today emulated in your browser.

ISPs would recognize the obsolence of the internet and support the Trinet only, driven by market demand for optimal user experience from GOOG-FB-AMZN.

From the 90s until the 2010s, the Web we have experienced has been, albeit somewhat imperfectly, faithful to its original purpose.

The Web’s diversity has granted space for multiple businesses to innovate and thrive, independent hobbyist communities to grow, and personal sites to be hosted on whatever physical servers can host them.

Smaller e-commerce sites would be bought by AMZN or go bankrupt.

Because most internet users couldn’t open all the sites, GOOG would have little incentive to be a mere bridge between people and sites.

The next wave of walled gardens might look different: less noticeable, but nonetheless disruptive to the Web.

The common pattern among giants is to grow beyond browsers, creating new virtual contexts where data is created and shared.

It wouldn’t conceptually be anymore a “network of networks”, but just a “network of three networks”: a Trinet.

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