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Sri Lanka’s iconic landmark, The Galle Face Hotel, is situated in the heart of Colombo, along the seafront and facing the famous Galle Face Green.

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In one of these, nepenthe is identified wi Hammer Purgstall's observation to this effect being quoted. They identify it with the ^Xo\ofi U Xvxvirtv^ was used for making lamp wicks. Stewart, the roots are used in Northern India as a febrifuge.

«^/ BT WILLIAM B Y M O C K , BRIGADE-SURGEON^ RETIRED, LATE PRINCTPAt MEDICAL STOP EKEEPP:it TO GOVERNMFVI C. Here and there throughout the volume interesting- historical notes appear. Great Mullein {Eng.)^ Bouillon blanc, Molene [Fr.]. Mahometan physicians consider it to be hot and dry in ti third degree, and prescribe it in gout and rheumatism in com- bination with aperients.

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Even the indefatigable searcher for new remedies will pi-o- bably find scope for his energies in the long list of articles of materia medica as yet untried in this country. H, Warden; David Hooper, authors.' Part IV, pages 305 642, with Index to second yolume^ - In noticing preceding numbers of this work which have come to hand we have remarked that these authors are doing work for the materia medica of India, which for completeness, value and interest entitled it to compare with the work done by Fliickiger and Han- bury in their famous Pharmacographia. Among the plants a nimiber are noticed which are either indigenous or spontaneous in North Ameiica, like chicory, Anasallis arvensis, dulcamara, stra- others are cultivated either for ornament or aceus monium er purposes, like Tagetes erecta, calendula, jessami m8Ba Bona-nox, capsicum, toba^nn nn.l /^fi.^*.o "Po^ numer ous becom of Pharmacy. The seeds are said to be narcotic, and to have been used in asthma inf Quinlan Med. 223) obtained from the flowers a yellow volatile oil, a fatty acid, free malic and phosphoric acids, malate and phosphate of lime.

One of the most promis o root- bark of which, in doses of five grains, has been found by the authors to be '' a most efficient cholagogue, without pui'gative effect, but restoring the natural colour of the stools after the usual reme- di^»^, been ttoii. July 11th 1891.) PHi Li Vcg.Origiu met with in British India. In the present number we have in the pages before us an account of about 100 drugs, which represent the following orders: Com- positto, Campanulaceee, Ericacese, Plumbagineaa, Primulacese, Myr- siuefe, Sapotaceae, Ebenaceae, Styracese, Oleaceae, Salvadoracese, Apocynacea3, Asclepiadese, Loganiacese, Gentianaceee, Boragine^e, Convolvulaceee, Solanacese. H, Warden, Surgeon -Major, Bengal Army, etc.; and D. August (^ iv will be ready at Midsumm An Index of more than 100 donble-column pages^ is tinder preparation; and will be piiblished as soon as the work is completed. Jouni.) drew attention to the popular use of the leaves boiled in milk as a remedy for phthisical cough and diarrhoea in Ireland, and stated that the plant was cultivated in gardens on rather an extensive scale. um, chlorophyll matter proximate found the constituents to be 0'80 per cent, of a crystalline wax, a trace of volatile oil, 078 per cent, of resin soluble in ether, 1"00 per cent, of resin insoluble in ether, but soluble in absolute alcohol, a small quantity of tannin, a bitter principle, sugar, mucilage, &c.

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' Pharmacographia Indica,' like its namesake, is a work of reference that no student of materia medica can afiord to be without, and which is not only valuable for the accuracy of its statements, but so far as \U historical matter concerns cannot fail to prove most interesting to the student of Eastern languages, almost as much so ta as to the student of materia medica. of this work, now before us, completes its second volume, and besides several orders of minor importance treats of the drugs procured from the orders of Sapotaceae, Styracese, Apocynacese, Asclepiadeee, Loganiacese, Gentianaceae, Convolvulaceae, and Solan- aceae. The stalks covered with pitch were formerly used as flambeaux, from this practice the plant derived its names of Oierae de Notre-Dame and Fleur de qrand Chandelier H The leaves and flowers are considered to be demulcent, diuretic, anodyne, and anti- spasmodic;^ and have long been in use in diarrhoea and pulmonary affections.

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