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It will be more telling when this round of briefing is complete and it is time for the court to vote on the case again.It takes the votes of at least three justices to move on to full briefs on the merits.That’s the sort of thing supreme courts love to straighten out, but you have to wonder if this is the right case for them to do so, since the respondent’s briefing and (heaven forbid) oral argument probably are not going to be especially helpful to the court on those legal issues.

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But just before that happened, Monique Rathbun fired her entire legal team, even though she had been on a winning streak.

She now has until May 23 to file a response, and at this point she’s proceeding without an attorney.

If there are three votes at that stage, despite the respondent deciding to proceed without counsel, I would say there is a pretty good chance Scientology will obtain full review of the case (which takes votes from at least four judges).

It’s worth keeping in mind here that the Church’s petition is challenging the legal standards applied by the lower court, not really the merits of the case.

They are also Scientology Volunteer Ministers, as seen in the patch on the uniform of their leader, Hector “El Chino” Mendez (above).

After rescuing the injured, Los Topos deal with the grim work of recovering the bodies of the dead, and their work can extend long after the immediate crisis is over.

The Texas Third Court of Appeals agreed, saying that Scientology’s stalking and surveillance really shouldn’t be considered protected free speech.

Scientology wants the state supreme court to consider whether the appeals court used the proper standard of evidence in its decision, and it filed a very technical legal argument to support its petition.

But Scientology argued that its operations, aimed at Monique’s husband, former Scientology executive Mark “Marty” Rathbun, were simply its way of defending itself against Marty’s blog posts that were critical of Scientology leader David Miscavige.

Judge Waldrip disagreed, saying that Scientology was really a business defending its turf, and it couldn’t use the First Amendment to keep its behavior from being litigated in a civil court.

The Durban, South Africa org purchased an Ideal Org building in 2007, but it was torn down for structural deficiencies.

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