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Bachelor #2: Italian Business Owner It’s a late-afternoon lunch date near the shore, so I decide to show up straight (just like he expects) knowing the beach air always performs tricks on my tresses. After the first bite of risotto and sip of Sauvignon Blanc, it happens. (He read my brief profile.) Then, I learn Cocoa Puffs (breakfast) and Ring Dings (late night snack) are part of his daily rituals. Bachelor #6: Italian Model It’s month two, time to replace the straight photos with curly ones. In his email, he mentions that he likes my curly photo. We order drinks and he finally seems to relax, as he shares stories of his mountain-climbing adventures. But we never quite recover from that fumbled first impression. The focus turns to fitness and nutrition, which he acknowledges is very important to me. “Whether it’s curly or straight, it doesn’t matter—as long as there’s enough hair to hold onto! I laugh, not quite knowing how to respond to that one. Then, finally, one response catches my eye and interest. Since he thinks curls are sexy, maybe he assumed curlies (even disguised by a flat iron) are more flirtatious than our naturally straight counterparts.

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I tell him I straightened my hair, but it’s naturally curly.

“I think curly hair is more natural and sexy,” he says.

And as I’m about to pipe in with an explanation, I look up and realize he’s already back to enjoying his meal, unfazed.

” I stop eating, my fingers now entangled in a tress tug-of-war. My date’s friend agrees my hair would look better out of the way. Bachelor #3: Cuban Marketing Executive On my next date, I vow to worry less and relax more, no matter where my locks lay. He has only seen a straight photo, but there’s not even a hint of surprise.

I’m connected to voicemail, hang up, then glance at the cabbie.

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