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Many see it as an excuse to act a certain way, or think a certain way; in reality it is a serious mental disorder that can cause devastating effects on the people that are consumed by them and the people who are around them....

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A sex addict needs progressively more and more explicit pornographic material in order to become aroused.

Their behavior becomes centered on different sexual experiences and the desire to attain them.

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without thinking about it…This was not, however, your usual drug.

The addictive agent here was sex, promiscuous, anonymous sex with literally hundreds of partners.But after her marriage ended due to her husband’s affair, Patricia became insecure, and started exploring dating sites on the internet – soon, Patricia was going on dates, sex dates - and in an interview with the Philadelphia Weekly, she admits that she is addicted to sex, and there is a problem....[tags: American Psychiatric Association and Diagnostic] - In this time period, there are many different disorders and illnesses that go unnoticed, and unknown.[tags: Biology Essays Research Papers] - Tapes or CD's that made for adults use only, has been very easy to watch for anyone on the internet.Without any restrictions internet porn has been a major topic in a major topic with teens in their homes.[tags: Sex Addiction, Therapy, Case Study] - In the article Is Sex Addiction or Sin by Mary Voboril, she shares a story about Bill R, a South Floridian.

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