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I’m always amazed at how much soil covers a site that’s only a few centuries old.

I’m completely stunned that springing for a haircut for some of the members wasn’t in the budget.

Faye Reagan is having a very erotic lesbian sex scene with a model I know you guys are going to like her name is Tiffany Thompson.

Or they will get an archaic skill practitioner to demonstrate the making of an item germane to the show.

Seeing a bronze axe being cast and actually used to chop down a tree is just great.

Hope I get to spend at least a few months of my life walking around in that landscape.

Love where I live, but the terrain is so different and so appealing there.

So if you’re a dork like me, and you like history and archeology and can handle slightly eccentric old English gits, check it out.

And let’s not forget, it’s also got the beautiful and smart Faye Simpson. In the West she is perhaps best known for starring in Wong Kar-wai's films Chungking Express and 2046.While she has collaborated with international artists such as Cocteau Twins, Wong recorded only a few songs in English, including "Eyes on Me" – the theme song of the video game Final Fantasy VIII.The one strange conceit is that it’s all done in three days. Sometimes they find something of great import and sometimes they hit a dry hole.Often they make hugely speculative surmises at the start based on some globs of colour from a geophysical scan.I really wish they would devote more time to excavating sites, as in a multi part show if need be, or hope they pass it off to a local school or group enthusiasts who will continue to excavate, and do a revisit a few years later.

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