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Nonprofits sent a median of 5 fundraising emails during the month of December 2013.

I was sent 19 fundraising emails by one single nonprofit organization during the month.

It means to be part of a simply charming team which distinguishes itself through vigor, unique ideas and fun at work.

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There were 12 emails (4%) that used my first name in the subject line and only 3 faux forwards.

Don’t get me started on the number of nonprofits that used “Dear Friend” in the body of fundraising email — a very serious email crime.

Sunday and Saturday had the lowest email volume during the month.

It’s worth noting that #Giving Tuesday had the third highest email volume of any day in December.

As nonprofits continue to shift to more mobile friendly strategies the smart organizations will start focusing on other time frames.

And testing to see patterns in email activity and donations can help to improve results too.

There were 22 nonprofit organizations that sent 24 email messages on #Giving Tuesday.

Even if all the emails were not specifically focused on #Giving Tuesday, it’s clear that many organizations wanted their appeals to take advantage of heightened awareness happening on December 3rd. This lines up with the time frame when the most money was raised during December.

But it’s clear that 19 emails or just 1 email probably isn’t the right number for most nonprofits.

Most nonprofits still don’t send as much email as they should be.

This year’s most common words were “gift” and “Holiday” with “Giving Tuesday” also being used a lot.

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