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"Browse through your closet to find a red or pink dress or blouse.Red will attract a man to stop and view your profile.

"Post a photo of yourself smiling instead of you and all your pretty girlfriends," says dating coach and netiquette expert Julie Spira.

"This way, a guy won't be confused" and will be anticipating pretty mug when date time comes.

Katz, who calls himself a personal trainer for love, coaches successful women in the art of successful dating.

He says that while online dating simply makes sense in today’s world, it’s important to do it wisely.

That’s like being 50 pounds overweight, signing up for a one-month gym membership and quitting after only losing three pounds because you didn’t meet your goal.

The process of finding a good match is more like training for a marathon—you can’t log on and manifest a partner right away by talking to everyone on the site in a month’s time.

The problem is that most people think they can just go online and succeed, without realizing that there’s an actual skill to it.

You can’t just shop for a partner the way you can order up other things on the Internet.

The goal is not to meet tons of people as quickly as possible.

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