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When you are tempted to escape, look around and notice what others need in that moment and serve them.” Is it something you feel you are enslaved to or becoming enslaved to?If yes, then it is wise to avoid masturbation so your freedom does not become slavery (1 Corinthians ).That’s like saying our natural drive for self-preservation gives us license to be greedy, or our natural drive for food gives us license to be gluttonous. Your natural desire for love, intimacy, and sex are built into you by God, but the Maker never designed us to be slaves of our passions, but to be masters of them.

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“I have asked several pastors/mentors/friends about masturbation and whether it is sinful or not.

I do not watch pornography, however, sometimes when I wake up and have an erection I will begin thinking about my fiancé sexually and masturbate.

I surrender this desire to you now knowing my sex drive is meant for oneness with another person, not merely self-pleasure and self-centeredness.

Instead, I choose to not retreat into the world of fantasy but put my energy to good use.” With each moment of arousal, take it as a new cue to do something productive: pray for someone, call someone, write someone an encouraging e-mail, engage in a project that blesses someone, physically exercise.

In other words, what makes the fantasies behind masturbation wrong is that they are attitudes that run in the opposite direction of Christlike love: a love that was willing to lose its life for others.

Winston Smith’s comment about this is fitting: “This isn’t just about kicking a bad habit…. He puts our needs first even though it costs him a high price.Your basic compass heading for love is to do what is best for others even if it costs you.Your initial sacrifice will be your own comfort and lusts.In this case, masturbation becomes the way we eroticize self-idolatry: We are turned on by a fantasy world where we are the center.If yes, then it is wise to avoid masturbating because your sexuality was meant for bringing you close to another person in love, not close to yourself.Like it or not, our fantasies and the activities of our heart reflect the truth about who we really are.

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