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1."Rainbow Theme" [ instrumental] () 2."Frozen Rainbow" () 3."Big Teaser" () 4."Judgement Day" () 5."Stallions of the Highway" () 6."Backs to the Wall" () 7."Still Fit to Boogie" () 8."Militia Guard" () Saxon are an English heavy metal band, formed in 1977 in Barnsley, Yorkshire.

They were one of the hopefuls of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement.

Because of this the equally strong, "Strong Arm of the Law" was released only a few short months after "Wheels of Steel". It was also one of their most successful singles as well.

"Wheels of Steel" was released in 1980 and saw the band's popularity sky-rocket. For those who are just the right age, the song was a call to arms; a battle cry for all those who donned their patch clad denim vests and leather biker jackets and hung out in the record stores looking for more heavy metal to rip holes in their speakers. The chugging "Princess of the Night" is one of Saxon's best songs ever.

Biff Byford retains the name Saxon and continues to tour and put out new music into the new millenium.

However, ex-guitarist Graham Oliver and bassist Steve Dawson were also touring under the name Saxon until lawsuits forced them to change the name to Oliver/Dawson Saxon.

I never could understand the hatred for "Crusader". These three albums seem to be lost between the band's beloved early classic NWOBHM catalog and their later, heavier releases like "Unleash the Beast", "Metalhead" and "Killing Ground".

Granted it is less aggressive and more melodic than past albums, but it still sounds like prime Saxon. "Forever Free" is a forgotten gem in the Saxon catalog, along with "Solid Ball of Rock" and "Dogs of War". Saxon were one of those bands like Iron Maiden and Def Leppard that many thought would become international superstars. "Grind" is more of a melodic, slick pop metal number that would have fit on Def Leppard's "Pyromania. "Run for Your Lives" () By the time "Crusader" was released in 1984 heavy metal had once again become extremely popular around the world. However, even that song fits well on this compilation. It is not surprising that Saxon rarely, if ever, revisits these songs in a live setting. "Nighthunter" is a double-bass driven speed metal number. However, for whatever reason, many fans at the time of it's release considered "Crusader" to be a disappointment, some calling it a sell-out. "Forever Free" is closed out by "Cloud Nine", a number with a bit of a groove and once again is more reminiscent of Saxon's glorious NWOBHM past. They had the catchy songs and the big record label. The song declares, "don't let the bastards grind you down". Perhaps this song was one of the band's last attempts at commercial success. In the mid-80's, in an attempt to break into American mainstream, like Def Leppard had done, Saxon went for a more melodic, almost pop metal appoach, but have since returned to their heavy metal roots.

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