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So, commodity codes can be used in cases where the tagging of the asset is wanted, but where no capitalization entry is desired.

Note: Normally you would enter an existing commodity code, and then identify it as a fixed asset.

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Sun Gard Higher Education suggests that the title should combine the name of the internal depreciation code and first year option.

This is accomplished in the Fixed Assets System Control Form (FFASYSC).

Note: If you do not set up these specifications at the fund type level, the system will use the defaults you set up in your Fixed Assets System Control Form (FFASYSC).

and is not to be copied, reproduced, lent, displayed or distributed, nor used for any purpose other than that for which it is specifically provided without the express written permission of Sun Gard Higher Education Inc.

Through the completion of an invoice, the system will temporarily tag the asset and automatically capitalize the tagged item when it has reached or exceeded the minimum capitalization amount.

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