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Slowly however, the pranks begin to eat away at Shannon who finally explodes at Finn Hudson, who asks Beiste if Artie Abrams, who uses a wheelchair, can try out for football.

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Later on Sue's scam is revealed and Shannon, along with Emma and Will, confront Sue to which she tells them that she is everybody's Secret Santa and she has legal rights to the gifts.

Will checks out the legal rights and when Sue returns to her office the next day, she finds the football team taking her gifts to put under the tree for orphan children.

Shannon tries to ignore the bullying, which reminds Beiste greatly of Beiste's childhood, and instead pushes on with Beiste's job.

Beiste forces the entire football team to re-tryout, but still offers the team the prank-pizzas when he is forced to buy them.

Later Will finds Beiste clearing out Beistes stuff and after a heartfelt conversation in which Beiste admits to have never been kissed, Will gives Beiste an innocent first kiss.

He then takes Beiste to the choir room, where the boys perform the number, Stop!He is the current football coach at William Mc Kinley High School who replaced Ken Tanaka. However, Beiste leaves Cooter in Props after Cooter continues to physically and emotionally abuse him.In Jagged Little Tapestry, Beiste comes out as transgender and announces he is going to transition to male, thereby changing his name from Shannon to Sheldon. Shannon replaces Ken Tanaka who resigned after suffering a nervous breakdown after the wedding to Emma Pillsbury fell through and becomes the new football coach.Surprisingly Will agrees, which causes them to become "frenemies." Together, the two of them begin "Operation: Mean Girls" in which the two of them prank and bully Shannon, by ordering a massive amounts of pizza under Beiste's name and trying to alienate him as a new member of the staff.This is all done with the hope of driving Beiste to quit his job.In the Name of Love/Free Your Mind, which is dedicated to Beiste.

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