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Women will usually not pitch her emotions; men have to guess it using some techniques. The place should be light and airy so that you both are comfortable.

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Body Language Ideally you should be chilled out, relax and not be nervous.

Lean a bit forward when you have to say something, once done lean back.

Many experts have given the dating tips over the internet, but tips will differ across different countries and culture.

Many people treat dates as interviews leading to weird interactions.

OK, everyone knows more and more "seniors" are getting into online dating... So, you 50-60-70-something guys, here's what not to do -- really, pay attention! Don't invite someone (especially me) to Friday night drinks at one of the city's most stylish hotels, so she thinks, great, I can wear my new dress and stilettos, and turn up in an un-ironed, (I mean really crumpled) short-sleeved, open neck sky blue shirt, jeans and sneakers. Don't mention that you have a little hip problem and need to walk with a stick, then turn up to a lunch date in a motorized scooter because you basically can't walk at all. Don't say on your profile you play the sax and guitar unless you play really, really well.

Not that some people (me) care if you have a disability, just be truthful about it, ok? Don't, on the second date, invite someone (ok, me) to dinner at your place, then hand them a bread knife and make them make the garlic bread the minute they walk in. Half an hour post dinner non-musical performance is sparklingly less than a good idea. Don't, after dinner, plonk someone down on the sofa and say let's watch some TV, while grabbing their hand.

You might find yourself wondering over and over how he feels about you and whether he simply considers you a friend or wants to pursue something deeper.

Learn how to identify the signals of just being in a guy's "friend zone," which means that he only has platonic feelings toward you.

Make sure to have a fun time speak intelligently to tap into emotions. Pitch Your Feeling You should smartly try to pitch your feelings and emotions and try to gauge the insights of person.

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