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“We had a lovely evening and enjoyed each other’s company very much.

After our meal, we headed back to my house for a bottle of wine and a Scientology documentary." In his own words, Liam recounts the happenings of the night.

The other night I told someone I was going to sleep. Pop on over to Safari for an up close & personal play by play #firstdate #onlinedating # I guess unusual first date ideas will still earn you points for creativity and boldness, but..more about having a first date at a sauna at #berlinerinblog #blog #berlinerin #spa #firstdate #dateideas # Server: I’ll bring the bill... Him to us: I can barely afford 1 girlfriend, let alone 2.

Liam Smyth, 24, who is a postgraduate student of sociology at Bristol University, had asked a girl out for dinner after connecting with her on Tinder.

The two went to a Nando's after which they headed back to Liam's place for drinks.

Late afternoon he messages and tells me he has bought us tickets to a soccer game. Not sure what my dad and brother will think about that but whatever. I walk back upstairs, to where this ‘cougar’ first spotted her prey, and there they are. I was SO upset I got the taxi driver to stop at the end of my street so I could fall into a heap on the grass and have a good ol’ cry without waking my flatmates.

And then we went and had ice cream and played jenga. One scoop of citrus lime and one scoop of caramel swirl. I know this probably wasn’t the wisest of decisions and mum, if you’re reading this I’m sorry but I felt so comfortable with this guy we decided to go for a drive to the Mt Coot-tha lookout to admire the pretty lights over Brisbane city. He didn’t even try to make out, despite telling me the lookout was where ‘all the kids went to get it on.’ After sushi, sitting at the bus stop for what felt like an hour-an-a-half, ice cream and jenga and a drive to lover’s point, our date ended at about 11.30pm and he even asked me to save Friday night for him. We’d been messaging all week and snap chatting hilarious videos to each other and I had a great feeling about things.

After the game we go to a great bar on Caxton St and we drink some more. We go upstairs and this lady in her mid forties makes a beeline for him. She’s short, short curly blonde hair, nothing special if I don’t say so myself. ’ and ‘she’s a cougar who lured me in.’ I message him saying I’m at the bar by the front door. I confront him, ask the woman if she’s the psycho he told me about and then I walk away. I walk straight out the door, jump into a taxi and get the fuck out of there, sending him a ‘fuck you’ message for good measure. Next morning he messages me again: There are so many things I want to say to this jerk. And, yeah I thought our FIRST date was pretty great, too.

After dinner (we split the bill) we went for a stroll and found ourselves sitting at a bus stop talking and telling more jokes. We go to the game and it’s as fun as a soccer game can be and we’re drinking and I’m trying to seem interested in the game and it’s all going swimmingly. He’s sitting down on a tall bar stool and she’s in front of him, a bit too close for my comfort. I called mum (at about 2am) and she calmed me down and when I finally stopped crying I walked home and fell into bed.But hang in there because it can only go up from where you are.Luckily for us, these people included screenshots of their most absurd conversations with people on dating apps, and trust me, they DO NOT disappoint.These messages and pictures sent on online dating apps are sure to make you cringe. If you have ever been on a shitty date, chances are that after reading this story you will be thanking your stars and not calling your average dates shitty anymore. The date didn’t end at ice cream and me winning (losing) Jenga.

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