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Dating or loving a girl who has been abused is not for the insensitive or selfish.You need to care enough about her to hold her hand while she gets through this. Give Her Time She isn’t going to get over it overnight.

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Dating women have been abused

I lasted ten months in a long distance relationship where I actually trusted that person was being honest with me. Is she saying you don’t act trustworthy or is she saying she is feeling triggered from an offshoot of her past that is making her anxious? Respect her, and respect that it’s difficult to overcome these feelings. As strong as she is for getting out of that situation, she is fragile and vulnerable too.

I wasn’t perfect though and I wasn’t totally done dealing with the residual aftermath. Don’t Take It Personally If she is having problems with trust because she’s been abused, but you are trustworthy then understand the source and don’t take it personally. None of this will work if you have no compassion for what she went through because you will not care.

He once got so drunk that I locked him out of the house. I tolerate him at social functions but we don’t have much of a relationship. He threw a pint glass of beer directly past my face in a restaurant.

I called the cops when he started breaking the glass in the windows to try and get back in. I called the cops when he told me he was going to break my jaw because I believed he would. The glass shattered and crashed on a wall behind me.

“Don’t get to a point in the relationship where you become insensitive and never tell her to get over it because it was the past.

this is something that has affected her life and unfortunately bad things that has happened to us clings to our memories.” 5.Women who have been abused might require a little special care, and there’s nothing wrong with that. The problem is not many people understand the dynamic of an abusive relationship and the psychological damage it can have on the survivor.I’m not a sensitivity specialist, but I have been abused.He once twisted my arm so hard behind my back I thought it was going to snap. But the fact of the matter is there is a reason why I and thousands of other women did and do. Sadly my accounts are just the tip of the iceberg for some women. Have Compassion If you truly love a girl, you will feel awful that she has been treated that way.He did that because he had me pinned to the ground as he was yelling in my face, and I tried to push him off. I took two years of being single to work on myself, and I proud of how far I came. It’s Not An Excuse She probably really wishes she doesn’t have these leftover problems. They are valid emotions, reasonable to have for someone who has had to deal with the brunt end of someone’s dark side. If you don’t, gracefully leave her before you cause more damage.They are also good at causing the abused partner to believe it’s their own fault.

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