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Like from “always wipe your shoes before you enter the house” and “ you stop at the stop sign” to “we do not call each other names” and everything you can possibly think of in between. If you are a spouse, be a good one and the one you are expected to be. Our body is intact but our character and who we are perceived to be, therefore our success in any undertaking including relationships is at stake. Awareness exercise: Pay attention to: -How often you break rules even if no one notices it.

People expect you to be certain way and do, or not do certainn things. -How often you break your promises no matter how small on insignificant they are.

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Before this can be done, however, the sample must be treated to remove any contamination and any unwanted constituents.

Two common contaminants are humic acid, which can be removed with an alkali wash, and carbonates, which can be removed with acid.

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This is another book I'm reviewing that is completely counter-culture.

It will definitely not be embraced unless the reader has a biblical world-view.

Excellent thought-provoking and clarifying questions. If you are interested in clarifying your thoughts on male/female relationships and aligning your thoughts with biblical standards, this is THE book to help.

Whether you agree or disagree with the author, you will be presented with forceful arguments for a particular viewpoint and then challenged to think through the issues for yourself from a biblical perspective.

Do we know when we are in integrity and when we are not?

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