Dating vintage jewellery

By way of a proper introduction, here are a few words about this shoot from the team….. Embroidery threads from Dimitris’ collection and retro glasses and cutlery with golden details made the table setting unique.

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White candles added a warm touch to the room while the classic bistro lights made the setting like a fairytale. A mix of different French laces stitched on an A line that fell loosely and delicately to the floor.

The bride’s bouquet consisted of various species of eucalyptus, as well as astilbe or ‘false goat’s beard’, lisianthus, and roses in a relaxed formation.

I am so in love with the muted palette, and who would have thought an old Cotton factory could make such a perfect wedding venue?!

Huge and heartfelt thankyous as always, to all the wedding pros and creatives who lent their talents to create this inspiration for you.

The groom’s suit in a navy blue combined with a checkered waistcoat and a blue bow tie lent him the appearance of a classy gentleman.

The wedding cake also followed the colors of the space.

'The theme of recycling is so important to understanding the Gaulcross hoard.

It explains why so many of the objects are rare – most other examples would have been melted down, but luckily for us, for some reason, this hoard was buried until now.' At a prehistoric stone circle in Scotland, three silver objects were discovered over 170 years ago.

The items belonged to a group of people called the Picts'The new fieldwork has revealed that the Gaulcross hoard was much larger than previously thought and is now the northernmost (pre-Viking Age) Hacksilber hoard in Europe and one of only two comparable hoards known in Scotland,' the authors said.

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