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No cars, just bikes; no crowds, but beaches and seals; less Heineken, more "jutters" — jenever from the islands.

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Beware — it gets busy with rowdy and sometimes obnoxious Dutch youngsters during the holiday season, which runs from June to September.

Outside that period it's fairly quite, so you need to book only a few days in advance.

A church list dating from the eleventh century mentioned the church of Echternach (Luxembourg) owning two churches on Terschelling.

Being located on the North Sea in an age in which the Dutch did not yet have their ability to protect against the seas, Terschelling was often damaged by storms and floods.

It's great in the summer for sunbathing, followed by a cool swim in the clear, but chilly water. From the Randstad you drive across the famous Afsluitdijk and reach Harlingen in about 90 minutes.

Alternatively, you can start your relaxation earlier by taking the train.

From Texel to Schiermonnikoog, the isles stretch in an arc across the Waddenzee.

Each island has its own characteristics, but Texel is the largest and most populated island — it has beautiful beaches and hosts the world's largest catamaran race in June.

If you want to bring your bike you need to take the slow boat, which takes about two hours and provides a great view over the Waddenzee from the top deck.

The Koegelwieck fast ferry gets you to Terschelling in 45 minutes.

Festivals Peace and tranquillity on Terschelling is traded twice a year when the cultural Oeral festival is staged and the rowing boat race take place.

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