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The narcissist is testing your limits — in other words, how much of their shit are you willing to tolerate? Eventually, the narcissist will stop blaming outsiders for their bad behavior and start blaming You didn’t provide an endless supply of love, adoration and nurturing.

You didn’t make them an overnight success — you held them back all those years by providing a stable home life!

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Not so with narcissists and other emotional predators and con artists.

They’re like the stereotypical used car salesmen or saleswomen of relationships.

Meaning the relationship starts with a really intense, decadent dessert, and by the relationship’s end you’re dumpster diving for the measliest scraps of sustenance.

A relationship between two emotionally mature individuals with boundaries and healthy senses of self develops steadily over time and builds up to dessert after pesky little things like friendship, intimacy and trust have been established.

And because you’re soooooo special to me, I’m going to offer this deal to you and only you (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). No matter how shiny and attractively presented a narcissist might appear to be at first glance, under the hood they’re all lemons.

Your life will never be the same if you hitch your wagon to my star Together we’ll create crazy works of genius! And not the plump, juicy ripe lemons from which you can make lemonade.

Or, the episode will be blamed on a mean boss, a mean co-worker or the mean next door neighbor who is suing your narcissist because he went onto the neighbor’s property and cut down trees without permission.

What’s really happening with these initial infrequent incidences? Or will you capitulate to keep the peace and the narcissist’s “love” no matter the price, including your dignity?

You’re better, kinder, smarter, more talented and more loving.

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