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All of these typically masculine responses to grief may help your friend heal; there is no one "right" way to mourn a death.

Sometimes words, particularly clichés, can be extremely painful for mourners.

A husband whose wife is killed may focus on the legal circumstances surrounding the death.

Such activities can be healing for grieving men and should be encouraged.

Men who deny and repress their real feelings of grief may suffer serious long-term problems.

Among these are: If you see any of these symptoms in your friend, talk to him about your concern.

Men are generally thought of as the "protectors" of the family.

They typically work to provide their spouses and children with a warm, safe home, safe transportation and good medical care.

So when a member of his family dies, the "man of the house" may feel guilty.

No matter how out of his control the death was, the man may feel deep down that he has failed at protecting the people in his care.

Find helping resources for him in his community, such as support groups and grief counselors.

You can't force your friend to seek help but you can make it easier for him to seek help.

At the funeral, a touch of your hand, a look in your eye or even a hug communicates more than words could ever say. Remember that your grieving friend may need you more in the weeks and months after the funeral than at the time of the death.

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