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In the Sultanate period (1338- 1538 AD), the area must have been a desolate part of the outskirts of the small town of Dhaka, forming a strip of highland in the north- eastern periphery of the town and a low-lying marshy land with water-bodies- the nucleus of the water- bodies of the Motijheel area – bordering it on the north and north – east.

The high land stretched northward from the Thatari Bazar- Jaykali temple area and the low- lying swampy area that lay on its north and north- eastern sides.

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"If the police find any Rohingyas without passports or any identity cards, they arrest them according to the law of the country," he said.

'Deepening crisis'Thousands of refugees have moved to the camp in fear of persecution, MSF says.

He, along with a few of his disciples, was lies buried in the tomb inside Bangabhaban area.

Within the premises of the mosque (which lies beside the RAJUK Bhavan ) ascribed to Shah Jalal Dakhini, is the grave of another pre-Mughal saint, Hazrat Shah Niamatullah (R), who had the epithet of Butshekan/Butshekin (iconoclast).

An international aid agency has accused Bangladesh of launching a violent crackdown against unregistered Rohingya refugees from Burma.

Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) also warned of a humanitarian crisis unfolding in a squatter camp where a growing number of them now live.

The region in which they live is one of Bangladesh's poorest and local communities complain that the Rohingya drain the area of resources, take away their jobs and are involved in smuggling and other crimes.

Some 30,000 have been registered as refugees by the UN, but the rest have no rights and mostly live in dreadful conditions on the edge of Bangladeshi villages or in squatter camps.

It does not allow them to travel or even marry without first seeking permission.

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