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ATLANTA – While much of the world is busy dismantling monuments to oppressors, Russians are moving in the opposite direction, erecting statues to medieval warlords who were famous for their despotism.

Understanding this revival can shed light on the direction of Russia’s politics.

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As much of the world makes amends for social and political injustices of the past, Russia is lionizing its despots, raising statues to the worst of them.

Behind this phenomenon is an ultra-nationalist brand of conservatism that seeks to take Russian politics back to the Middle Ages.To sum up, for the project to be successful it needs cash flow and Date Coin has one.Minimize Our business model has already proven its efficiency for both technologies employed and large audience of Denim (700K users).The latter are Ethereum-based tokens with fluctuating market price When you activate the feature bought for DTC, all the tokens spent are burnt via smart contract.This mechanics reduces the number of tokens in circulation and token market price rises. The more popular our service is, the higher the demand for tokens from the growing audience.But, since the mid-2000s, Russia’s Eurasia Party – a political movement led by the pro-fascist mystic Alexander Dugin – has moved to position Ivan as the best incarnation of an “authentic” Russian tradition: authoritarian monarchy.

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