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Most Christians might think I would have to be nuts to warn others about the possibility of rising Christian imperialism at a time when Christianity is under oppression by the secular Far Left and Islam but apart from my mental condition I try to stay one step ahead of the curve.

One thing that I have learned over the years about politics is that political action on one side of the political spectrum soon produces a counter-reaction from the other side of the spectrum after a short time.

They often resorted to conquest and imperialism to accomplish that presumed mission.

After Christianity joined the State, Christian post millennial or no millennial (amillennial) thinking prevailed.

They taught that the Church reigns on earth and only after the enemies of the Church are put down does Jesus return.

In short, those in the NAR believe that God is restoring the ministry of Apostles and Prophets and God gave or is giving these “anointed ones” power to take over the world.

The leaders make outlandish claims like making many trips to heaven and talking directly to Jesus and raising the dead but I really can’t get into all the garbage that they claim in this post.

When the Church joined the Roman system after Constantine, the end results became Christian imperialism.

The Roman Catholic Church has always believed in a form of Dominion Theology and its history is that of imperialism.

In fact, we can already see that the pendulum is now starting to swing back toward the Right.

But the Far Right is not going to solve America’s problems either.

They intend to rule over the religious of the world and I am pretty sure they will succeed in the days that the Beast of Revelation rises to power.

However, the obvious Roman Harlot of Revelation and its Dominion Theology and imperialism is not the real point of this post.

Before that, there was Christian imperialism and allegiance to Christianity was generally forced on the populations that were under Christian control.

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